Michael Collins CAPCOM (Green team)

Mike Collins would have been Apollo 8's command module pilot, but he was temporarily grounded after back surgery and Jim Lovell took his place. He went to the moon the following year, as the command module pilot on Apollo 11.

Thomas Kenneth Mattingly II CAPCOM (Maroon team)

Ken Mattingly became an astronaut in 1966, and went to the moon as the command module pilot on the Apollo 16 mission. He stayed at NASA into the Space Shuttle era, and commanded two Shuttle missions.

Gerald P. (Jerry) Carr CAPCOM (Black team)

Jerry Carr joined NASA in 1966. He served as CAPCOM on Apollo 8 and Apollo 12, and set a spaceflight duration record as the commander of the Skylab space station's final crew.

Donald Kent (Deke) Slayton Director of Flight Crew Operations

Deke Slayton was one of the original Mercury 7 astronauts. When he was grounded because of a heart condition, he became Chief of the Astronaut Office, and later Director of Flight Crew Operations. He was eventually returned to flight status, and was the docking module pilot for the Apollo-Soyuz Test Project.